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About Chirsthu Jyothi Higher Secondary School
Home Chirsthu Jyothi Higher Secondary School had its birth in the great turmeric City Erode as the First Matriculation School in the area ! It had its humble birth at Thirunagar Colony, Erode with a set of 16 students.

Christhu Jyothi Matriculation Hr. Sec. School, a recognized English Medium School, under the Government of Tamilnadu was started on 4th June 1974. It is conducted by the Sisters of Franciscan Clarist Congregation. It is open to students of all caste and creed and it holds upon them the sublime motto "Serve in Love".

Every effort is made to give our students a sound education in keeping with the nation's aspiration and to make them morally, physically and mentally fit to become active, useful and worthy citizens of India.

At present the strength is inflated to 3200 wards, 129 staff to toil for them and qualitative too! We reap commendable results every year! State Ranks and District Ranks are also attained.
Our Vision
Home The Franciscan Clarist Congregation founded in Kerala in 1888 has taken up education as one of its main apostolates from the very beginning. As the followers of St. Francis of Assisi we give special stress to Christ centred life, universal brotherhood and joyful service to humanity without any distinction of religion, caste and creed. The simple, humble way of St. Francis goes with the Indian concept "plain living and high thinking."

Our education apostolate aims at the formation of the human person with deep rooted faith in God, an affectionate love for his brethren and loyalty to the Nation. In our institutions every effort is made to create in our students the qualities of justice, peace, religious tolerance, and a special concern for the poor and the oppressed. We try to credit individual spirituality oriented, intellectually competent, morally upright, professionally skilled and psychologically whole.

As Catholics are a minority community, we give special stress in imparting Christian faith to Christian students in our institutions.We also take into consideration the needs of the locality to uplift the local community. We expect the co-operation of parents, teachers and students to attain these goals.
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