"Duty before Pleasure" do your daily work, never put off to another day that which can be done today itself. Besides the Terminal examinations Midterm tests are regularly held and reports should be signed by the parents. The results of all the examinations and tests will be taken into consideration for promotion. Parents or guardians are expected to pay careful attention to the reports and return them to the authorities with their signature. Slow learners will be warned after Quarterly and Half yearly examinations.

Promotion is very doubtful after second warning.

No examination will be held before the time fixed for the examination. No re-examination will be conducted at any circumstances.

A delay in payment of fees shall debar a pupil from sitting for any examination


K.G Boys : Red Check Shirt, Blue Shorts, Sandal with Straps, School Belt.
K.G Girls : Red Check Frock, Sandal with Straps.
Std. I to V : White Shirt, Royal Blue Shorts, School Belt, (Boys) Black Shoe (White socks with Blue stripes, Black Ribbon)
Std.VI : White Shirt, Royal Blue Pinafore, School Belt, (Girls) Black Shoe (White socks with Blue stripes, Black ribbon)
Std. VI : White Shirt with Blue Pant, School Belt, Black Shoe, (Boys) Badge (White socks with Blue stripes)
VI-XII : White Top with collar, Royal Blue Chudidar & Royal Blue Shawl, Black cut shoe, (White socks with blue stripes and badge, Black ribbon.)
Std. I - XII : White uniform for sports on Fridays with housecoat.

Note: No other colour dress is allowed on any occasion.